How Soon After Liposuction can I Exercise?

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Exercise after liposuction is necessary for continued results. Once fat has been removed, it cannot “grow back,” but new fat can accumulate without proper care. However, waiting until your body has recovered is essential before beginning a demanding exercise routine following liposuction.

Many people can return to work within five to ten days of liposuction. People who work in physically demanding professions need to wait longer, though after initial recovery, a return in some capacity is likely okay. During your follow-up visits, Dr. Doyle will carefully evaluate your progress to help you determine when it is okay to return to full duties.

Demanding work and intense exercise must be avoided for six to eight weeks after liposuction. Resuming physically demanding tasks before this can strain incisions, increase risks for infection, exacerbate swelling and bruising, and encourage the development of thick scar tissue. Waiting to begin a more physically challenging exercise routine helps to reduce these risks.

Inactivity Is Not Recommended

While it is best to put off intense exercise during the first few months of liposuction recovery, being sedentary is problematic. You need movement to help reduce swelling and improve the recovery experience. Taking two or more daily walks and engaging in other forms of gentle exercise during the first stages of liposuction recovery will also help to set the pace for a more active lifestyle once healing is complete. Getting yourself into the habit of daily exercise during lipo recovery is one of the surest ways to maintain long-lasting results.

Remaining active is essential for continued liposuction results, but you do not need to become a super athlete. Daily walks, combined with healthy eating, may be all it takes to keep your figure toned and trim. Look for activities that you find enjoyable to help encourage continued participation, and do not be afraid to look for alternatives if you get bored.

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