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Whole Health

The Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery believes that whole health is a combination of balanced diet, regular exercise, and positive outlook. We strongly encourage all of our patients to pursue the goals of healthy living that include skin care, a thoughtful attitude towards food, and exercise as a daily habit.

We are developing Whole Health Partnerships with a variety of Rhode Island health and fitness providers. We encourage our patients to use these partnerships to pursue a health-positive lifestyle.

Breast Cancer Recovery

The Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery recognizes the challenges associated with recovery from breast cancer. This is a daunting experience physically and mentally. Modern medicine has made great strides in the prevention, treatment, and cure of breast cancer. However, we see a total approach to health as being key in the recovery process. The right kind of exercise, at the proper time in the recovery process, can yield great benefits for cancer survivors, both mentally and physically.

Maintaining Results After Weight Loss

The Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery provides body contouring after massive weight loss. Frequently, these patients have had gastric bypass surgery to aid in their weight loss. Dr. Doyle helps these patients begin a new phase of their life by removing excess skin and tissue, but, without the right approach to diet and exercise, patients can begin to put weight back on again. We recommend that patients begin an exercise program under the guidance of their primary care physician. Our Whole Health Partners can provide ideas on how to start down the path of good health and fitness.

Here is a list of our Whole Health Partners:


Pilates West Bay

We are pleased to introduce our Whole Health Partner, PILATES WEST BAY. Pilates West Bay provides creative physical fitness programs in a warm and welcoming environment to help you feel “good in your body your whole life long.” Their innovative classes include Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Total Body Reformer, PhysicalFusion Barre, and more.

Visit this site to begin the transition to a healthy, fit lifestyle:

Yours in health,
Andrea M. Doyle, MD