Why Are Vitamin C Facials Important for Great Skin?

I am often asked by patients why Vitamin C facials are a great summer facial option.  What are they and what do they do?

Vitamin C facials are hydrating and nourishing for dry, sun damaged skin.  They also lighten and brighten your skin and because Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant it helps protect your skin from sun damage.

They differ from other types of facials in that they don’t make you sensitive to sun, which can cause itching or redness.  The Med Spa of Rhode Island has medical grade products for administering these highly effective treatments. Our aesthetician is also highly experienced in providing these kind of treatments and has the ability to customize each treatment for your individual needs.


Now that summer has arrived we all want to get our bodies back in shape.  Remember though, your skin needs as much care as the rest of your body!

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Have a great summer and wear your sunscreen!