What Is a Lip Flip?

Beautiful,Lips,Close up.,Makeup.,Lip,Matte,Lipstick.,Sexy,Lips.,Part A lip flip is ideal for addressing a gummy smile or a thinner upper lip. The treatment is simple and effective, producing beautiful results that last up to two months. Plus, the treatment is quick and requires little to no downtime for recovery afterward. Lip flip treatments can give patients fuller lips without altering their volume. Here is what you need to know about enhancing your lips with a lip flip in East Greenwich, RI.


During a lip flip procedure, an aesthetician injects a tiny amount of Botox into the superficial layers of muscle that control the upper lip. Botox blocks the neurochemical signals to the upper lip, causing these muscles to relax. This action causes the upper lip to flip forward, giving it a fuller appearance. Depending on your degree of muscle contraction and facial anatomy, you may require two to four separate injections to achieve the desired result.

This procedure is virtually painless and usually requires less than five minutes to complete. Patients typically describe a slight pinprick; however, a topical numbing cream is available to ensure patient comfort.


At the Centre for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we tailor your lip flip to your aesthetic and facial goals, as with any other Botox treatments. Specific benefits of this treatment include a fuller-looking upper lip and a reduced gummy smile. A lip flip also prevents your upper lip from appearing thin when smiling. Moreover, this procedure can eliminate signs of aging above the lips.

In addition to these cosmetic benefits, a lip flip is a cost-effective alternative to lip augmentation with dermal fillers and provides natural results with little to no downtime.


Patients typically see a noticeable improvement in their smile within a couple of days. While Botox injections typically last two to four months, a lip flip lasts six to eight weeks. The main reason for this is that the lip muscles are used more often, such as when talking or chewing, which can cause your body to metabolize the Botox injection more quickly.

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A lip flip treatment in East Greenwich, RI, is simple and effective, providing natural, subtle results. Contact the Centre for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery at 401-336-3770 today to schedule your consultation for this procedure.

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