What is the difference between a “regular” facial and a Hydrafacial?

I get numerous phone calls a day asking what services our aesthetician offers and I list off all the different services she provides. After going through the list of services I always explain how the Hydrafacial is our most popular facial. The prospective client on the other end of the phone asks the same question every client asks… “What is so special about the Hydrafacial; why is it your most popular facial?”

The Hydrafacial is our most popular facial because you see and feel an instant difference! Yes, INSTANT. “How?” you ask? It is because the Hydrafacial combines 3 treatments into 1! It is a microdermabrasion, facial, and chemical peel all in one! Anne will do mild extractions as needed and finish the Hydrafacial with a combination of antioxidants, peptides, and a hyaluronic acid (all things needed for great, healthy skin!).

You can get this fabulous treatment once a week if you really wanted to but most of our clients come once every 4-6 weeks for healthy skin maintenance.