Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal, also known as explant surgery, is available to women who are looking to remove uncomfortable, ruptured, or unwanted breast implants. It is a relatively standard breast procedure in the United States. Over 29,000 breast augmentation patients had their implants removed last year.

Dr. Andrea Doyle is a board-certified plastic surgeon committed to achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. She will listen to your concerns and develop a plan to accomplish the outcome you desire.

If you are interested in learning more about breast implant removal, call  401.336.3770 today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Doyle. The Centre for Aesthetic + Reconstructive Surgery serves patients in East Greenwich, Providence, and nearby areas of Rhode Island.

What are the reasons someone would consider Breast Implant Removal?

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While breast implants are designed to be long-lasting, they are not lifetime medical devices. Most women will likely need to remove their breast implants at some point.

There are several reasons to consider removing your implants, including:

  • Rupture: Despite the durability of saline and silicone implants, their shells can rupture. You may pursue breast implant removal to correct a ruptured implant, or because you are concerned about the potential for future ruptures.
  • Discomfort: Breast discomfort can be a sign of a rare complication known as capsular contracture. It can also indicate the presence of an infection. In most cases, implant removal can help relieve the painful breast sensations you are experiencing. Implant removal methods such as en bloc or capsulectomy may be appropriate for dealing with capsular contracture.
  • Aesthetic issues: Some women develop aesthetic problems with their implants after placement, such as visible wrinkling, displacement, and asymmetry. Implant removal is often an excellent way to correct these concerns.
  • Change in preference: Many women cite a change in preference as the reason for having their implants removed. You may find that your implants no longer align with your current taste or personality. If you are interested in regaining your natural breast appearance, implant removal may be beneficial.

As long as you are happy with the way your breasts look and feel, and there are no signs of complications, you should be able to enjoy your implants for years to come. However, breast implant removal is something that all breast augmentation patients should be prepared to consider.

Breast Implant Removal with a Breast Lift

It is important to think about how your breasts will look after breast implant removal. When you had your initial augmentation performed, your breast skin had to stretch to accommodate the added volume. As a result, your breasts may have a droopy or saggy appearance once the implants are no longer present. For some patients, this effect is mild, but for others, it can be very pronounced.

breast lift is often a great way to counteract the undesirable cosmetic impact of implant removal. This procedure removes excess breast skin and restores a more youthful contour. When performed alongside breast implant removal, a breast lift can help you optimize your results.

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

Some women may want to remove their current breast implants without going implant-free. If that sounds like your situation, you may choose to have implant removal and replacement surgery.

Also known as breast augmentation revision, this procedure involves taking out your old breast implants and swapping them for newer ones. Breast implant removal and replacement can address most medical or aesthetic breast issues you are experiencing, while still maintaining the enhanced breast appearance that you desire.

What is the Breast Implant Removal Procedure Like?

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Breast implant removal can be more complex than an initial augmentation procedure. There are several reasons for this, including the potential presence of scar tissue, tissue capsules, ruptured silicone gel, and other factors. Fortunately, Dr. Doyle knows how to handle the unique challenges of implant removal to achieve the best possible results for her patients.

Your procedure will require general anesthesia. Breast implant removal is done on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home the same day. Dr. Doyle will begin by making incisions and removing the existing breast implants. From there, the procedural steps will vary depending on the type of surgery and the issues you wish to correct.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Doyle is very polite, has great bedside manners. Dr. Doyle examples what is going to be done in the office and once again before surgery while your in the hospital she also answers any question you may have. Dr. Doyle will always take your calls doesn’t matter what day or time. Never had an issue getting an appointment to see Dr. Doyle. The staff at Dr Doyle office are polite and courtesy."

- Maria T.

Recovering from Breast Implant Removal

Every woman experiences a slightly different recovery period based on individual factors. The type of procedure that was performed — and whether or not it included a breast lift or the placement of new implants — will influence your recovery time.

You will likely need to take at least a week off work to heal from your surgery. During this time, it is important to follow Dr. Doyle’s instructions to avoid complications and maximize your results.

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