Pro-Nox™ Takes the Pain Out of Injectable Treatments

East Greenwich woman gets BOTOX with Pro-Nox pain reliefBeauty does not have to equate to pain and anxiety. Women and men go to great lengths to restore and maintain a youthful appearance, but these typically come at the cost of your discomfort. Not anymore. The Pro-Nox™ machine alleviates the pain and fear associated with non-surgical facial treatments such as injectables so you can achieve your desired results without subjecting yourself to that pain.

At the Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer the addition of Pro-Nox™ to your non-surgical procedure for just $25.

What is Pro-Nox™?

The Pro-Nox™ machine involves inhaling a mixture of 50 percent oxygen and 50 percent nitrous oxide gas, similar to laughing gas. You have the control as to how much you use during your procedure because you simply breathe in whenever you need to reduce the pain or anxiety. You’ll experience pain relief and lowered anxiousness within 30 seconds.

The machine itself has tubing that mixes the two elements. The tubing is held in your mouth, and you begin to inhale when you feel any pain or anxiety coming on. By breathing in and out until you feel relaxed, you have control over the discomfort of your cosmetic treatment. The Pro-Nox™ System can be used in conjunction with lidocaine nerve blocks, topical numbing agents, and oral pain relievers such as Tylenol/Motrin and anti-histamines.

What sets Pro-Nox™ apart from other intensive pain-relievers is that you can still drive yourself home after your appointment. Pro-Nox™ sets in immediately but also exits your system quickly, giving you the option to drive yourself home just 15 minutes after your injectable or cosmetic treatment.

Some of our East Greenwich patients already use anti-anxiety medications to cope with the fear and pain of dermal fillers and similar options. Those who use Xanax or Valium to address these nerves may find they don’t need them when Pro-Nox™ is a part of their procedure.

What Treatments Can Be Used with Pro-Nox™?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments continue to become more popular each year, but still, some men and women shy away from options such as dermal fillers because of a fear of needles or pain. Pro-Nox™ can be used during these treatments and more:

The treatments listed above often come with moderate pain, depending on the patient and procedure. Pro-Nox™ eliminates that pain so you can improve your facial appearance without the “No Pain No Gain” adage.

No complications are associated with Pro-Nox™ as the patient controls it.

Is Pro-Nox™ Right for You?

The use of Pro-Nox™ typically comes with a state of euphoria or happiness along with little to no pain. In rare cases, patients can experience hallucinations, headaches, or nausea, but these dissipate after 5 minutes of discontinuing Pro-Nox™.

While most men and women respond very well to Pro-Nox™, some may be too sensitive to the mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will look over your medical history and discuss your options to see if Pro-Nox™ is right for you and your non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Where Can You Get Pro-Nox™ with your Cosmetic Treatment?

Dr. Doyle offers Pro-Nox™ as a $25 add-on to your non-surgical treatment at our plastic surgery and medical spa center in East Greenwich.

If you’re interested in improving or restoring your facial appearance, please contact the Centre for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery today at (401) 336-3770 to schedule your consultation and treatment. Our plastic surgeon serves clients in nearby areas of Rhode Island.

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