Why Is a Lip Flip So Popular?

lip flip A lip flip provides a convenient, affordable, and effective way to enhance the appearance of your lips without adding more volume. For many individuals, it offers an opportunity to experience a fuller pout without necessarily committing to lip fillers. With this in mind, its results are typically more subtle than lip fillers. People with a gummy smile or a thin upper lip may benefit significantly from a lip flip, although lips of any size can also enjoy beautiful augmentation. Here are a few other reasons why this treatment is growing in popularity:

Advantages of a Lip Flip

Fast Results

A lip flip is the most cost-effective method of augmenting your pout since it only requires a small amount of a neuromodulator, such as BOTOX® or Dysport®. Patients may begin to see improvement anywhere from four to fourteen days after treatment begins, and the effects typically last for six to eight weeks.


Because a lip flip only uses a few units of BOTOX or Dysport (typically between four to eight units), it is considered a more affordable option than lip surgery or lip fillers. This treatment can also be an excellent option if you are seeking a temporary boost in the appearance of your lips before an important event.

Minimal Downtime

A lip flip, like other BOTOX treatments, has little to no downtime. Most patients are able to resume their regular activities immediately after treatment. Rarely does this treatment result in any side effects, and if it does, it is merely mild bruising at the injection site. You may also find it difficult to use a straw to drink, but these effects are temporary and fade away fairly fast.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Lip Flip in East Greenwich, RI

To achieve the best possible results from any kind of medical or cosmetic operation, it is crucial to work with a qualified and experienced provider. The Centre for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery (CentreFARS) is pleased to provide patients with the latest and greatest in both surgical and non-invasive treatments, including lip flips in East Greenwich, RI. Dr. Andrea Doyle and her staff believe that personalized care is the most effective method to meet aesthetic objectives.

If you are ready to begin looking and feeling like your best self, contact Dr. Doyle today at (401) 336-3770 to arrange a consultation. CentreFARS serves individuals all throughout Rhode Island and its border areas, including Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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