Dry Skin, Part II

Whether your skin is dry, dehydrated or both the right skin care products can make a huge difference as can proper nutrition.

Proper cleansing and exfoliation is the foundation to a good skin care regimen. Depending on your skin type will determine the exact products suggested.

After cleansing the skin you will want to remove dead skin cells. Removing this buildup helps your skin to breathe. It also allows all other products to penetrate deeper. How often you exfoliate and with what you exfoliate with depends on your skin type.

Medical grade facials are extremely beneficial as they help to deep clean, exfoliate, hydrate and address specific concerns.

Our Age Resurfacing Facial and Hydrafacial are great for all skin types and they both hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Consistency with in-office treatment and at home skin care will give you a solid foundation. This will help you achieve or maintain a balanced, even-toned, glowing skin.